Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Agriculture

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Agriculture

Last Updated: June 20, 2023

Farmers are using technology today to revolutionize the way they grow their crops over the years.

Technology has also increased the efficiency of farming and made it less laborious.

However, there are both benefits and drawbacks to technology.

Let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of technology in agriculture sector and how it can be applied.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Agriculture


Advantages Of Technology In Agriculture

Following are some of the advantages of agriculture technology. Please have a look at the infographic for points and then proceed to read in detail one by one.

Technology advantages in agriculture infographic
Infographic: Technology advantages in agriculture

1. Productivity Is Boosted By Technology

Agriculture is enjoying a technological boost. Farmers are able to perform tasks quicker and easier than ever before.

Thanks to the latest technology, there are many sophisticated technology instruments and tools that can help farmers boost their farming production.

Farming equipments, such as tractors, automated in-row weeders, robotic lettuce harvesters, carrot harvesters and separators, and other technology devices are used to increase production.

2. Farmers’ Workloads are Reduced by Technology

The primary purpose of modern technology is to reduce the labor effort of people in order for them to be more efficient in their activities.

The use of modern technologies greatly reduces the efforts farmers put into farming.

Modern technology is able to perform many of the tasks that used to require a lot of effort and a large number of farmers but now can be done by using the latest technology with less effort and with fewer farmers.


3. Modern Technology Makes Transportation Easy

Agricultural transportation has been simplified and made more efficient through technology.

Horses or oxen were used in the past to pull plows and carts, and wagons or carriages were used to transport goods.

In the modern world, trains and planes can transport people and goods worldwide within a few hours, and tractors and trucks can easily cover huge distances.

Delays and accidents are also less common because technology makes tracking and planning routes easier.

4. Technology Increases Trading and Business

There is a rise in the trade and business of agriculture due to modern technology. Formers are now able to market their products to many markets more easily with the help of modern technology and expand their trade and business.

Modern technology gives them the ability to easily transport their corps to other places and sell them with no problems at all.

It has become very easy for farmers, growers, and market sellers to communicate and contact buyers with the help of modern technology.

They are able to sell their crops, fruits, and vegetables to them easily. The farmers can do digital marketing to sell their crops, fruits, and vegetables to people online in order to promote their products.


5. Water Supply Become Easy By Using Modern Technology

Irrigation systems have been developed with technology that is more efficient at supplying water to crops.

In the past, farmers relied on rainwater to irrigate their fields, which was often not enough and led to poor crop yields because it was insufficient to supply the water needed for irrigation.

Water can now be transported directly to crops using underground pipes thanks to technology. As a result, crop yields have increased and food quality has improved.

By precisely controlling irrigation, it has also reduced water waste. Water supply has thus been made more efficient and crops are being supplied with enough water with the help of technology.


Disadvantages Of Technology In Agriculture

Following are some of the disadvantages of agriculture technology. Please have a look at the infographic for points and then proceed to read in detail one by one.

Technology disadvantages in agriculture infographic
Infographic: Technology disadvantages in agriculture

1. Excessive Use Of Fertilizers And Pesticides

There are lots of problems connected with fertilizer and pesticide use. Plants are benefited from fertilizers and insecticides. However, plants and other living beings suffer from negative side effects as well.

Plants and crops are poisoned by the excessive use of fertilizer and pesticides, posing serious health issues to humans. Water and soil are also polluted.


2. Unemployment

A practice where fertilizers and pesticides are used in excess to produce more and faster crops before they are ready. People and the surrounding areas are also affected, as it pollutes water and damages human health.

Besides killing pests and contaminating crops, pesticides also kill beneficial insects. Invisible pesticides cover fruits and vegetables purchased at the grocery store. It is difficult to remove these easily with water.

When pesticides are used excessively, human health is severely affected, causing skin allergies, deformities, and congenital diseases.

3. Lack of Education among Farmers

Most farmers face difficulty to understand how to use modern technology in farming due to their lack of education.

Due to their poor understanding of the use of technology in farming and the cautions that come along with it, they do farming in old traditional ways, which makes the use of modern technology very difficult for them.

In addition to this, not everyone is capable of easily utilizing the benefits of modern agriculture technology.

Modern technological devices and machines are not properly used by most farmers.


4. Significant Reduction Of Soil Fertility

Soils become less fertile when too much technology is used in the fields.

Agricultural technology has the disadvantage of reducing the fertility of the soil. Overuse of technology damages and reduces the fertility of the soil in fields.

A fertilizer or chemical can increase the productivity rate in farming but it can gradually destroy the fertility of the soil as well.

Agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides can cause soil damage if overused.

5. High Maintaining Cost

The high maintenance cost of agriculture technology is one of its downsides.

Small businesses and farmers find it difficult to maintain technology because of its high costs.

Modern technological machines and gadgets are costly to maintain that’s why farmers are unable to keep up with them.


Conclusion on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Agriculture

As you have read there are both advantages and disadvantages to modern agriculture technology. Hopefully, you have read them both thoroughly.

The use of modern technology in agriculture can have a lot of benefits for a farmer.

Thus farmers are able to work more effectively and efficiently as a result. Through the use of a variety of devices and machines technology has become an essential part of agriculture.

It saves farmers a great deal of time and effort by automating the process. With the use of modern technology, it is possible to complete farm work quickly and efficiently.

It is also critical to acknowledge that modern technology has some negative effects as well which we cannot ignore.

Before using technology it is wise to keep in mind the dangers that come with it.

Although the use of technology in agriculture is not a no-no, we must limit their use in order to prevent the overuse of these technologies from harming us (humans), other living creatures, and the environment.

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